App Design - 2019
A digital version for Wanderlust magazine, which allows you to read articles in a very fun and efficient way, by navigating between different continents and countries.
Project Overview.
Self Initiated Project
This project was made for educational purposes only.
The Brief
Choose an existing magazine that doesn't have a digital version (active app), and transform it into the digital world, by extending the user experience beyond the limits of text and images.
  • Research
  • User flow
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design Direction
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Animation

The Problem

In today's era, it is very hard to ignore the fact that people want to consume information in the most convenient and accessible way. Even though the print is still alive, and many people still buy magazines, there is still an instinctive need to consume content through the digital media. I chose Wanderlust magazine for this project, as traveling is an integral part of my life. The main problem with the Wanderlust site is that it's packed with a lot of content and it causes a problem of orientation. There are lots of different pages on the site, and lots of content. There is no narrative that leads you to any action, but each page has its own unique feature. What caught me most on the site was the "TAKE ME TO ..." page - a list of continents in alphabetical order, and within each continent, a list of countries. I wanted to focus on this feature, and make it the narrative and main theme of the app. I wanted to create a sense of authenticity and orientation by making the user feel that he/she are guided from the moment they entered the app.

The Solution

An application which allows the user to consume information about different places around the world by navigating between continents and countries in a convenient and easy way.
App Features

The Project

The main idea of ​​the app is very simple - first the navigation is done by a swipe action (left or right) of the Earth. After choosing a continent, you are required to choose a country, where in each country you will find the most up-to-date articles. In addition, the app will show the average distance between your current location to the country you have selected.


The main goal of the project was to make the magazine's travel experience more engaging. The app leads the user in a very comfortable and interesting way through the different continents and countries, to select and read the magazine's articles.


As a result of this experience, I learned that when designing a new product, it is vitally important to conduct in-depth and comprehensive research in the early stages of the project, as it helps things move smoothly later on in the process.

The target users

The main target users of Spectra are young professional & non-professional music producers between the ages of 18-30. These users have a strong preference for fast, real-time actions, as they always look for new plug-ins, apps and features that can help them with the music production process.

Research Findings

I conducted user interviews with a group of professional & non-professional music producers who had previously used one or more spectrum analyzer apps. I learned from them that there’s quite a lot of spectrum analyzer apps out there, but they only provide a real-time analyzing feature - which means it can only analyse live sounds, but it cannot detect a specific song and show you its specs. When it comes to referencing a song, you want to get the most accurate results as possible, so using a real-time analyzer wouldn't be the best choice - not only that the microphones on standard mobile phones aren't good enough, the results you’ll receive will vary due to your distance from the sound source. To put it short, a real-time analyzer shows a live analysis of a certain sound, instead of the full ‘picture’ of a song - so it is not very useful when it comes to referencing. Spectra on the other hand, allows the opportunity to choose between detecting and analyzing an entire song, or using a real-time analyzer, while it doesn't rely on any technical or recording capabilities.
Here are the two main features that seems to be missing from spectrum analyzer apps according to the music producers I interviewed:
  • A song detector which analyzes the full picture of a song, showing its name alongside its analysis.
  • History feature which shows you the songs and sounds you've analyzed.
Quotes from my research study text group:
  • “I mainly used the app to analyze certain songs I heard outside the studio. The problem is that it wasn't accurate enough. I also kept forgetting which song it was, and I also couldn't remember how its specifications looked like.”
  • “ I think it could be very useful if one of the spectrum analyzer apps included a song detector that can give you the specs of the entire track, in addition to the real-time analyzer”.


One of the earliest stages of the project. My goal was to ensure that the content and functionality of the app are positioned correctly according to the user needs.
Icon Design.

Visual Design

My focus was on having a simple and minimal visual design in order to create a comfortable and efficient user experience.
Logo Design
The inspiration for the logo design came from frequency waves. The name of the app is 'Specra', that is why the icon consists of the letters "S" and "A" (Also stands for Spectrum Analyzer), representing a frequency wave.
I wanted to create a sense of creativity, innovation and professionalism. When it comes to color psychology, creativity is most often associated with the color purple.

Final UI

The final design is a simple, easy to use one action interface, in which users can easily navigate through.


As a result of this experience, I learned that when designing a new product, it is vitally important to conduct in-depth and comprehensive research in the early stages of the project, as it helps things move smoothly later on in the process.


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